Friday, April 15, 2011

Your mind is a terrible thing to waste

      I don't believe that we realize the impact our thoughts have on our lives. Thoughts are so powerful! If your thoughts are good and happy, you will act good and happy. If you think negative, angry thoughts, you will speak and act negatively. I know, because it happens in my life. It's so easy to dwell on how bad things are, how bad everyone treats you, and things like that. When our minds become filled with those kinds of thoughts, it's time to let the devil know that he is not going to control us anymore. We have the authority to change our thoughts to positive thoughts through God's Word. Read the Bible and soon you will find out that's true. The Bible is full of positive words that can change your thoughts, therefore impacting your life for the better. Think on those things that are above, not on the earth. Translated: think on things that are based on what God's Word says, not on the circumstances around you. Look up, not down. Soon you will see a break in the clouds.
      Our concrete work continues and today we had holes dug for Leyland Cypress to make a privacy fence. I am so excited to see progress everyday!

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