Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have you begun your journey,

      In the middle of your journey, or at the end of your journey? Most of us are in the middle of our journey, wondering when we are going to reach the other side. Storms have arisen and may be sinking your boat! But, just when you think you are about to go under, GOD! arrives on the scene and calms the storm! Some of our journeys may not be so dramatic, but many are. It's easy to get your eyes off of Jesus and onto your circumstances. We have to remember Peter walking on the water. As long as he looked to Jesus, he stayed afloat, but as soon as he looked around at his circumstances, he began to sink. As he was going down, he cried out to Jesus and Jesus lifted him up. That's what we have to do when we begin to sink. Just cry out to Jesus and He will lift you up. Your circumstances may not change, but Jesus will help you through and before you know it, you have reached the other side.
      I got to visit with my fair-complected niece yesterday. I don't get to see her as often as the other ones and my, has she changed! I have some pics. We lost three of our baby chicks in the storm the other night so hubby went to Tractor-Supply and got some more. This time he got some Australorps, which were on my list. They are so cute! The other chicks and baby ducks have really grown. I believe the older chicks are males

Iris ready to bloom.

I love to go to Aunt FeFe's!

Ha Ha! I got Nanny's keys!

Iris just bloomed out!

Where's the baby chicks?

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