Monday, July 9, 2012

Having fun in the sun!

      This past holiday week made for some happy faces! We had Maddie Saturday morning and Winn Saturday afternoon and Sunday til 3:00. We didn't let those hot temps keep us in all day!

Maddie couldn't wait to get her swim suit on!

But she never would get in the pool!

Neighborhood children petting the chickens. The little girl is legally blind. She was adopted from China.

Win couldn't wait to get into the pool! She is so fair complected that we got her out early in the morning while there was still shade.

She has such a personality!

Oh, it's cold! Can you believe he got in there with her? I can!

She loves it!

I was taking it easy, too!

      I can't wait til we get the big pool up! Just wanted to share a few more photos with ya'll of my harvest; and some that was given to us:

These were given to us! Notice the little radio we use during storms.

Some of the red tomatoes were given to us, but the figs and nectarines are from our garden. I forgot to show ya'll the bag of apples that were given to us.

My version of Hawaiian chicken.

I had this for lunch along with some homemade bread.
      Hope ya'll have a great week! Talk soon! Blessings from Bama!


  1. Our figs have been ripening also. They need picking but when I pick them I feel I have to do something with them and right now I am covered up with tomatoes and beans.

    Did ya'll get any rain this past weekend? We did and it was wonderful!

    1. Hi MaMa Hen! I know what you mean! But if I don't get the figs first, the birds and ants will! It's kind of funny when the harvest comes in. First a trickle, then the whole garden seems to ripen at once!

      Yes, we received some rain in the evening. We also got a nice shower last night, but it sure is steamy this morning! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hey Bama Girl! Love how you share your interest in chickens with the neighborhood children. So many kids (& adults!) today, have never seen a chicken up close, much less petted one. I'm drooling over your harvests. That's a gracious plenty of nectarines and how lucky you are to be given so many other wonderful produce to enjoy. Our figs... what few (2) there were, burned up in the heat last week. sigh But at least our little fig tree looks like it will make it. btw, is that a yellow tomato you enjoyed for your lunch? Looks delicious! Have a good day!

    1. Hi Lisa! That is so true! I have been surprised by these blessings! I cooked up the apples last night and hope to get apple butter made today. Don't worry, your fig bush will be a tree in no time and you'll have lots of figs! My figs seem to grow larger each year!

      Yes, that's a yellow tomato that I didn't plant! The chickens blessed me with that and it taste better than any of them! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I agree with Lisa above! It is so great to involve the neighborhood children in the awe of animals! Good for them and good for the animals! :) Cheeryshirley

  3. Oh, tomatoes! Yum! I saw one cherry and one regular one starting to turn! Can't wait! Wonderful that you and your husband can enjoy the children! Wish I had more energy but we have grands from in their 20's down to the youngest will be 3 this fall. Makes for fun times but this granny ain't getting any younger!! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes, the neighbor was kind enough to share a five gallon bucket! They are in jars now! It's fun watching the children grow! I have one with me today!

  4. How wonderful that you really enjoy the kids...sharing your lives with them...and letting them share their lives with you! :) Cheeryshirley


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