Saturday, July 7, 2012

We had straight line wind damage to our property!

      It seems like just as soon as the hubs gets the pool wall all level, along comes the wind to knock it out! This time, one whole side fell completely down! I feel so sorry for him, working in the 107 degree heat that week just to have it knocked out from under him! It happened the night before July 4th. The skies were getting kind of cloudy, but I wasn't sure that it would rain. It was just about dark, so we came in for the evening. We were sitting at the kitchen table, when all of a sudden, the wind kicked up like crazy, the rain was beating violently against the windows, and things were crashing on the porch! Then just as suddenly as it began, it stopped. We could still see out since it wasn't completely dark, and realized damage had been done. It reminded me of the morning the twister came through and pushed over huge trees in our back yard, that fateful day last year. The next morning, we could see what damage had been done. A persimmon tree had fallen on the fence, right behind the beehive! Boy, were we glad it didn't take out the hive! Got a pear tree and sweet shrub bush, though. A planter was knocked down on the front porch and evidently a glass jar was on it because it shattered all over the porch. The swing was knocked over, which happens any time a strong wind comes through. We thought the canopy over the grill was a goner, but the hubs got it fixed. The heavy Primo grill was knocked of its wheels and the inside was busted! That was a heart breaker for the hubs, since that's what he uses to smoke and grill on. It was a little salvageable, so he cooked brats and burgers on it that day. Wow! The weather is so unpredictably predictable! If that makes sense. Now, I wonder every evening if we are going to get blasted! A couple of nights later, storms came through and knocked the power out for a couple hours, right before bedtime. It came back on, just as I went to bed. The storms that caused the outage wasn't even bad, like the one that did the damage! I couldn't believe the power went out then and not the other time! Mother Nature!

      We had a great time on the fourth, as my Dad came out. He looked so good walking around inside, then he went walking outside. Of course, accompanied by someone at all times.

      I just received some Amish sweet potato slips in the mail that I ordered earlier in the year. It is so hot, but I've got to get them into the ground. What was I thinking? They sure do taste good, though! I hope they make it in this heat! I'll keep ya'll posted on how they do. My tomatoes are beginning to come in, a little here, and a little there. The nectarines are still mostly hard. I'm not sure if I should pull them and let them ripen on the counter, or let them ripen on the tree. I guess if I'm giving some away, I should pull them before they ripen completely. I really need to get some more jelly jars! And Sure Jell! Hope ya'll have a good weekend and stay cool! Blessings from Bama!

They're learning how to smile for the camera!

I'm surprised she'd put the hat on long enough to snap a photo!

She loves the Brown Bear book. Lil' bit loves Barney.
Say cheese!

Helping Aunt FeFe clean up.

They love Uncle Randy!

Ms. Personality!

Love this dress!

My Dad with his feet propped up.

They can't wait for the pool to fill up!

They're helping Uncle Ran.

Fun times. We had our Collie groomed. They had to shave her because of the mats.

I couldn't resist this picture!

Damage done by straight line winds.

The Primo is so heavy! How on earth could winds move this thing?

The once level pool.

The swing. Figs are not getting ripe yet. Weather?

Neighbor's persimmon tree on our fence.

Look at all those vines!


  1. Sorry to hear about the damage. Glad to hear you dad was there on 4th. Cute pictures of the girls. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  2. Sorry to hear of the loss from the storm. Seems like they are happening more and more. Wonderful that your Dad is doing so well. Cute little sweeties you have! Nanchy

    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy reading your comments!

  3. These storms can be nasty these days. Sorry you had damage from them and the pool falling I am sure was disheartening for him. Your dad looks great! Love the dress on the little one. They are both so cute!
    I just bought a couple more boxes of pint jars myself. I hate it when I run out and I have things that need canning.

    1. Hi Becky! Thank you! I've got to do something with all these nectarines!

    2. I'd can them like peaches, maybe look into making nectarine juice (seems like that might be good), course there are always butters and jams (but we seem not to eat many now so I don't make them), maybe nectarine bread? muffins? Freeze some/dehydrate some.

    3. Hi Becky! Thank you so much for those ideas! I'm going to make a tart and jam for starters!

  4. Oh my, I was wondering if y'all got hit by those storms. We're so far south that we missed the worst of it. My oldest son is in central Tenn. and the large farm that he is staying at got hit pretty hard too. Dang, those were high winds!

    Enjoyed the cute little girl pics!

    1. Hi Shasta! Thank you! Wow! Your son is staying on a farm! How cool! These high temperatures spur storms almost every evening! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hey Bama Girl, What a mess! Am so glad ya'll are okay. These Southern storms are so powerful. So far we've been spared this year, but then it hasn't rained at all for a couple of weeks.... and summer isn't any where near over yet. Looks like you were able to have a nice 4th with your family and your dad looks great! Those little girls are so cute and love the patriotic dress.

  6. Hi Bama Girl!
    Great to see a picture of your Dad!!! What a wonderful thing to be able to have him over!
    How high were those winds??? Kinda makes you take a different look at the "peaceful" end of the day, doesn't it? I'm surprised that the pool was salvageable! Poor guy...starting over! Sorry about his grill! It must have been powerful to take out those trees! Yikes!
    In looking at all the other pictures, I'd have to say: "KID FRIENDLY"! Your place is sooo kid friendly! The best kind of place to have! :) You both are great with kids...and LIKE them! I can tell by the looks on everyone's faces!
    Glad everybody is OK! Love, Cheeryshirley

    1. Hello Shirley! Glad your back! Loving the comments! I'm glad my Dad was able to be here too! The winds came up so suddenly; I don't know how high they were! I would say, 50-70mph? Our place is definitely, "kid friendly!" We do love the kids; but it's not easy sometimes dealing with 2 year old's!


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