Monday, July 16, 2012

Mountain Lake Resort and Marina

      That's where I've been! We went on a spur of the moment camping trip last week and I thought I would get to write a post before we left, but I didn't have time! I thought that maybe I could write one on the trip, but there was no free wi-fi. Just couldn't stand the thought of paying for something like that! We had a good time, for the most part, but I hardly think that we'll ever go to that place again! Too many rules and such! Very unlike any campground we ever visited! It wasn't even as nice as some of the regular campgrounds! We were parked in the muddy grass! No gravel, no concrete, just grass! What a mess! And the mud was stinky, too! The area is very beautiful there, though. The water had so much milfoil, a type of grass, that it got caught on propellers, making it hard for the boats to maneuver in the water. It wasn't everywhere; just some places. In spite of all that, we had a good time. Even though I stepped on a piece of glass while I was standing inside the boat, and cut my foot! Freak accident! Who knew there was a piece of broken glass on the boat? I'm just glad the two-year-old didn't get on it!

      I made the mistake of picking almost all of the nectarines before we left, and came back to a rotten mess! I thought they would be better off in the air condition so they wouldn't rot! I'll know next time to just leave them on the tree! They weren't all rotten, however. I'm working on them now; I just had to sit down and take a break. My foot is sore where the cut is and that makes it hard to stand for very long periods of time. 

      It's cloudy out now, so I'm hoping for a rain. The temps have still been in the nineties with the humidity making it feel much warmer! Hope ya'll are staying cool and getting some rain! I don't know of any camping trips this week, so I'll get back to ya'll later! Blessings from Bama!

Why do the tomatoes separate?

Fifteen jars of delicious nectarine jam!

This plus a half of a five gallon bucket is what I left. When I came back, they were almost all rotten!

Ready for a ride!

Where is Kassie?

They are going to ride the tube!

She loved riding the jet ski!

Hubs is on the tube!

Sort of a better view.

Hubs and Alley.

A barge going down the river.

Skylar finally decided to ride. He had a good time!

My injured foot.

Skylar riding the tube.

No Skylar, put me down!

Look at those lips!

She's getting so big!

The cloud looks almost like an atomic bomb explosion!


  1. Welcome home! That nectarine jam looks delicious. I don't know why tomatoes separate either. Take good care of that foot! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! It sure is good to be back! My foot is doing OK. Every morning, Randy puts some Neosporine and a clean bandage on it. It's healing, just sore. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Bama Girl and Welcome Home! Looks like ya'll had another great family time together and I'm with Nancy, for you to take good care of that foot. I don't know why tomatoes separate either and I've gotten to where I freeze them instead of can. This year might be different though, as both our freezers are full and our tomatoes are just now beginning to ripen. Your nectarine jam does look delicious! Don't feel bad about the nectarines, it's hard to know what to do sometimes. I think each year is a new learning experience. Have a good day!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for encouraging me about the nectarines! I sure did feel bad when I saw what had happened! I still have so many to put up yet! There may be enough for 25-30 more jars of jelly! God has truly blessed us with favorable nectarines this year!

  3. Hi Bama Girl!
    Ouch! ANY cut on the foot is difficult...we just USE them so much! :) Glad you're taking good care of them and that it is healing!
    Ooohhh! Rotten nectarines had to be hard to come home to! :( I've done exactly that...with the same results! sigh. Looks like you'll still be able to put up enough for the year, yes? Hope so! That nectarine jam looks thick and rich...actually making my mouth water! Oh, yes! When I was little, helping my Grandma can, I really thought all those tomatoes we had just put up were spoiled and I was soooo disappointed! Grandma wasn't worried, though, and served them right up to us! :)
    We've been to more expensive campgrounds before and opted to return to our free campground where it is more "friendly-like", too! I sure do miss camping! Best memories! :) Thanks for sharing your vacation with us...made it feel cooler with all that water!
    Love, Cheeryshirley

    1. Yes, Shirley, that cut came at a bad time since I've been on it all week! I love your stories of Grandma! We have the most fun at State Parks! And they are the cheapest! Yes, the water is beautiful and cool looking, but full of milfoil!


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