Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's cloudy finally.....

      So I've been outside picking blackberries and working in the new flower bed that isn't finished. It even rained a little, thus the reason I'm inside blogging right now. I've got frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot and pinto beans in another crockpot. We're having Mexican chicken over rice tonight, yum!
     I watched Joyce this morning and she's teaching on the condition of our 'hearts'. When I listen to Joyce's teaching, the Holy Spirit will check me, sometimes. She gave an example of Jesus life, that he grew as a tender shoot. "God wants our hearts to be tender, not prickly like a cactus," she said. Another thing she said that 'checked' me was that God sees an unbelieving heart as a wicked heart. I don't want to have a wicked heart! When we pray and believe God for something and it doesn't come to pass, sometimes we quit believing or doubt that God will answer us. Joyce had like a little vision where she saw a vault in heaven with lots of drawers in it. She asked God what that meant and He told her that the drawers contained prayers of the saints. When we quit believing and expecting God to answer, the drawers stayed closed. She said if there are any prayers of hers in there, to let them out cause she's believing and expecting God to answer. That may not be exactly the way she said it but I hope you get the message. As long as we're believing and expecting God to answer our prayers, and do not doubt, He will. It may not be in our time frame, or even the way we think. BUT GOD!!!!! will answer!!! The main thing is to keep our hearts tender before Him and expect Him to hear us. Have a Blessed Day!

Winterlynn loves to pick up sticks!

Beating on the 'drum.'

Loves little Jack.

"I want to show you my sticks!"

Loves the little container of water better that the pond!

Uncle Ran loves to ride her on the mower1

She loves to put the ball attached to the hat, in her mouth.

Left crockpot,chicken; right, pinto beans.

Sourdough starter from yeast, not wild.

Borrowed bread machine from 'sis'. Love the one-pound loaves it makes!

Mommy watching baby play with mower.
      We had a great weekend, celebrating Father's Day Sunday. In-laws from both sides were here as well as other family members. Ran cooked on the Primo and the burgers and beans were supreme! We enjoy sharing our blessings with others. Enjoy these photos.


  1. That point you made about God answering prayers, is so true. We had a young man from our church pass away with cancer - he was in mid 20's - that would be a hard funeral to deliver. Our pastor at the time made a similar reference to God has now answered our prayer for Dan, he is now healed. It took me a while to understand this, however God did answer all our prayers for Dan. Not in the way we thought it would be, however, he did. When you have faith like that, and understand that concept, life can go on so much easier. Blessing from Wisconsin!

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss! The things we don't understand, we must leave in God's Hands.


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