Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We've had a busy and exciting week!

      We are celebrating our twentieth anniversary! It was actually yesterday, the fourteenth. Time has passed by so quickly! It's amazing how much we've 'matured' in these past twenty years! My mindset has changed dramatically, especially in the past three or so years. I'm glad because I know that God has done this for me. He has put desires in me and also fulfilled some of my desires. I like it when that happens! God is so good, all the time!
      I've been taking Skylar to 'work' every morning and picking him up every evening, and while I was out, I visited family I haven't seen in awhile. I get home in time to prepare dinner or some other task, so I haven't had a chance to blog. I enjoy blogging and I appreciate those who have 'hooked' up with me. At least I know two people are reading, most of the time. 
      This past weekend we went to Birmingham to Whole Foods and to Carraba's. We rode with our parents since the truck seat wasn't quite finished. We all had a great time! The next day, the truck seat was finished, so hubby wanted to try it out by traveling at least an hour so we would know if we could stand our future trip to the beach. The ride up there was pleasant. We rode to Trenton, GA and I was once again reminded of the recent disasters we experienced. A tornado ripped through that small town, destroying everything in its path! It was not a large tornado, but nevertheless, very destructive! You can see the path where it went up the mountain! We drove on up the mountain to Canyon's, our other favorite restaurant. There was no damage in that area. 
      My husband surprised me with a swing I mentioned I'd like to have, and it is now my favorite place to be outside when I need to take a break. Of course I have photos!

Winterlynn eating her snack in front of her chair.

Trying to get our photo.

More blackberries but still not enough!

Hubby and I got each other the same card!

My family going into Carraba's.

I love the shrubs growing on top.

That's about the most smile son will give!

My Mom and Dad.

Front view of Carraba's.

Whole Foods. The lights went off while we were shopping!

Destruction in Trenton, GA.

More damage.

Sorry the photo isn't clear. Shadow shows where tornado went.

Damaged funeral home.

Other side of funeral home.

Next to funeral home.

Canyon's Grill.

Me and hubby.

Cherokee cabin site.

The Cherodee Indians were held here before leaving for Oklahoma.

Me and hubby on our new swing.

Spinach and cheese-stuffed shells.

With sauce.

Side-view with full moon.

Hubby tilling in moon-light.

Still tilling.

I love the front-view of our house at night.


  1. Congratuations! Too funny and cute with the same card. Your house does look nice at night. Also like the shrubs on roof! Blessings from Wisconsin!

  2. Thank you, Dicky Bird. We had a good laugh about the same cards. If you ever been to Carraba's, I believe they all have shrubs on the roof.


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