Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's time for a change!

      A change in the weather, that is. Joyce is teaching on change this week. She always gives examples of her own life, that's what makes listening to her so interesting to me. She really walks the talk. It's funny how we ask God for things to change, and when He begins to change something, we go,"God what are you doing?" I can't put the expression here like Joyce said it, but you get the idea. Some times change is welcoming, other times, not so much. At least not in the beginning. I think I want a farm with a lot of acres. That would be a huge change for us! But do I really want that? I want God to take that desire out of my heart it that is not His desire. I'm tired of thinking about it all the time! I love our home and where we live, but of course there's always something. Maybe, it's just not the right time for the change. A lot would have to take place before that could happen. Major changes! 
      Spiritual changes are just as dramatic. We want to live and act right, but when we have sin habits in our lives, it is so hard to change! We just keep on trusting our Heavenly Father until He gets what  He wants out of us! Give Him those things and He will bring change.
      Update on my hair: I hate to admit it but I wanted my hair to smell good so I changed shampoos for a couple of washings. I got tired of my hair being "smelly" from using the natural shampoos. I brought home a bottle of shampoo from WM and also used some I already had. My hair sure did smell good! It was falling out at this point anyway, so I didn't think much of it until last night when I went back to may natural shampoo purchased at Whole Foods. My hair didn't come out near as much as with the other shampoos! I guess I'll just have to have "smelly" hair.
      We really got a lot done last night! We stayed out until 9:00 working in on the grass. My husband tilled and I raked. Man, it sure was dusty! I am even horse today from all that dust! I went back out this morning, but could only work an hour or so. It seemed hotter today than yesterday. I'm going out again as soon as I finish here. I want to get that job done this week! I've got another bed to do that's not quite as big as this one. Thanks to all of you who read and leave me comments! Ya'll are a blessing!

This is what we've gotten done, so far.

Only a few blackberries. Not quite ready yet.

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