Friday, June 10, 2011

What has your attention today?

      Are you staying in out of the 95 degree heat, or are you in the pool? If I had a pool, I don't know if I could even stand to be in it. I'm doing things inside until it gets a little 'cooler' because the temps. are going to get even hotter today. I watched Joyce today and she had an interesting prop. She had Dave come up on the stage and wear a robe. He was playing the part of God. She had on a raggedy and torn coat. God (Dave) took her coat and gave her his robe, but it was too big. God (Dave) said "That's OK, you'll grow into it." Isn't that a neat description of how we grow in our walk with the Lord? We grow in grace and as we grow, we begin to fill the robe of righteousness God gives us when we became a Christian. God sees us as righteous through the Blood of His Son Jesus, not our own righteousness. Our righteousness and 'works' are as filthy rags! I'm so glad God sees me that way, aren't you?
     Hubby got one of the trees cut up and moved from the path, down behind the house. It was one from April 27. I filled the wagon again this morning with more dirt to go in another raised bed he hasn't built yet. I also need to go down the hill into the neighbors pasture and get some horse manure. But I have to empty the wagon first. I should get another wagon and mower! NOT!
      Blackberries are not quite 'there' yet. Hope to get some soon. TTUL!

The place where I was digging dirt and hauling it up the hill.

Full wagon, again!

Can you see the humidity on the trees?


Spot where the tree was across the path. Burn barrel contains the fire.

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  1. That was a good example from Joyce. When we "take on" the robe, we "take on" the blood of Jesus that covers our sins and makes us new. We not only are covered by Him, but we need to be filled with Him - Holy Spirit. None of us are worthy of either, however, it is a gift to them that believe. Blesssing from Wisconsin!


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