Monday, June 6, 2011

Miracles come in cans!

     Which may not be to the liking of a "real foodie". There are a lot of natural disasters going on here in the US. If your house was washed away or submerged by a flood, or blown away by a tornado, you know what I mean. I like to eat real, whole foods as much as any healthy minded person does. But if I had nothing else to eat, due to circumstances beyond my control, I would look at that can of food like it was a miracle. I even opened a can of black beans today and made refried beans out of them. They were delicious! I had to eat some protein because my hair is falling out, even more than usual. No, I haven't had chemo, just hormones and diet. I did not know until last night that dieting can cause hair loss. My sweet hubby looked it up because he was concerned about me. That was so sweet! Due to the heat, my appetite has decreased tremendously! I thought that eating oatmeal for breakfast, then drinking my healthy, homemade juice for lunch, and little or no dinner, was good for me. A body can only go so long without proper nourishment before it show signs of strain. I will let you know how my hair does. It was really scary for me last night when I washed my hair, then combed the tangles out. I never had that much hair come out in my comb! It kept coming, too! So much about my hair.
      When I was watching Joyce this morning, she inspired me with her miracles come in 'cans'. She wasn't talking about actual cans, she meant I can. I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. Not I can't loose this weight, it's too hard, or whatever thing that seems too hard for you to overcome. I decided that I was not going to let the heat rule my life. I can go out earlier and work for awhile. I can go out in the evening and work some more. Not, I can't go outside cause it's too hot. Of course, I have to use common sense not to over do it and get heat exhaustion. Or let the mosquitoes eat me up. There are small windows of opportunity that I can take advantage of. Just remember, you can!
      I showed some photos in earlier posts about an eggfest. It was in Elijay, GA. It was not about eggs, but the Big Green Egg, a smoker, grill. We went there to purchase one, but my husband changed his mind. He read up on it and the Primo and found that the Primo was made in the US. without lead based paint, so he went into town and got the Primo. That is to bless us on our twentieth wedding ann. June 16th. Of course we used it for Memorial Day and I couldn't believe how good the burgers and especially, the beans were, cooked in it. I will never bake beans in the oven again! I haven't used my new Crockpot, just saving it when the other goes bad or if I need to use more than one at a time. I have cooked in my old one, though. I needed some chicken breasts for the chicken enchiladas I made last week. I just put in frozen chicken breast and cooked them for a few hours and they were ready when I needed them. I use my slow-cooker almost weekly. I didn't buy any peaches yet but I hope to soon. They are coming in from Clanton, AL and places in GA. I'm sure some have even been harvested here, I just don't know anyone personally to get some from. I have a young peach tree with very small peaches on it, but I do plan on picking blackberries this evening!
      My weekend was busy with birthday parties! Jasmine turned two and my Mom turned seventy. She sure doesn't look it! Enjoy these photos. Oh, and I met some new bloggers. Hope ya'll enjoy reading my blog!

Smaller sunflower. Why does it hang it's head?

Guess what this is! Food for storage.

Yellow butterfly bush. 

One of three variations of purple butterfly bushes.

You would not believe the scent they have!

Jamine's birthday present. She didn't feel well that day.

She only wanted "mommie"!

Hubby loves the children!


Do you think my Mom looks seventy?

Birthday cake from store.

She loves her baby!

Layla thought it was her birthday. Her's is in Aug.

My son loves helping with the children, sometimes.

Eden wants to go back to the slide!

I wished you could have heard her squeal!

He really enjoyed this!

Jasmine loves swinging Caiu. (spelling?)

Little Layla likes to swing.

Uncle Randy holding Winterlynn.

My Mom and me.

Can you tell my hair is thin?

Mom standing, sister, niece, and me.

My Mom and my son, Skylar.

My project for this week: to remove all the grass!

Hopefully, next weeks project.

I filled the bucket with the grass, then filled holes in the yard.

All the plants along the sidewalk in pots are going into the new beds.

Big sunflower hanging its head.


  1. Nice story and pictures, seems like you are truly blessed! I am - soon - doing a post about my hair too. I have to wait for it to get a little longer, before I cut off 18". After that cutting and donation to Locks of Love I will have donated 5'4" my height in 19 years. My youngest daughter is a cancer suvivor and I realized during her battle (2005-2006) that I really don't need all this hair I have. So, hopefully, in a month or sooner, I will have a story with my post. Blessings from Wisconsin!

  2. Diet can not only make your hair fall out, but also make it and your skin too dry, so make sure you have enough water (liquids) and fats in your diet. Love the "happy" pictures! Your dress is so pretty! And lovin' the "A" hat...Roll Tide!

  3. Wow,Dicky Bird that's amazing! I can't wait to see your photos.

    Yes water and "fats", I love them both!


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