Saturday, June 11, 2011

Preparedness Challenge!

      I've been reading for weeks about being prepared in case of an emergency. I finally decided to take steps towards this. There's not a whole lot of preparing in case of a tornado for us, since we don't have an underground shelter to stock. But there are other emergencies like, what if an accident happened at the Depot where they are burning dangerous chemicals, or what if a wildfire broke out? Or in the case of this drought, what if they rationed water? I put extra clothes for the three of us in a very lightweight bag and I purchased a large water container that is BPA free. I also bought a pack of freeze-dried food, batteries and a small flashlight I can put in my purse. My family looks at me like I'm strange, but I don't care. homesteadrevival.blogspot.comI also dehydrated hash browns, but they didn't turn out right. I believe in balancing God's Word and preparedness. We do what we can do, and God will do what we can't do!  


  1. Hi there! I fixed the extra link - no problem. You did VERY well this week! Keep in mind that when a tornado hits an area, not all homes are destroyed but you could be without power and water for days. Anke, one of my followers and fellow blogger, just experienced this when almost her entire neighborhood was leveled but her house was fine. However, no utilities for over a week! And the grocery stores were out of most things. Her family did fine, but she said it was a good experience in that she realized where she had holes in her preparedness.

  2. Your absolutely right, Amy. We were affected by those events as well, just not as severely.


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