Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's time to blog again!

      I hope this time my DSL is here to stay! I'm not going to hold my breath; but we'll see. I sure have missed writing, and reading other blogs! So much has happened since I last blogged, I don't know where to begin. The heat is first and foremost on my mind because it is preventing me form doing the things I need to do. Now it's too hot to even go out! I have to wait until 5:00 just to water everything. We went from cool spring days and rain, right into hot, humid summer. Can you tell I'm a little upset? My tomatoes sure do like the heat, though. Hubby had a dump truck load of dirt brought in so I'm not having to go down into the woods anymore and dig. Maybe today the bugs will leave me alone while I load my wagon with dirt to be placed into a raised bed. Hopefully, my garden will be finished before summer is over. The temp. is 95 and rising as I write this. It was this hot yesterday and is expected to be even hotter the rest of the week! In spite of all the crazy weather we have, I love Alabama and would not want to live anywhere else, except maybe, Elijay or Hiawasee, GA. They are beautiful places to visit. I have pics coming in the next blog, hopefully. No, I wouldn't want to live there because they are a tourist attraction.
      I keep being reminded of the recent outbreak of tornadoes because of the specials on Discovery and because we drove through some areas that were hard hit. Ya'll may get tired of me talking about that but I can't get it off my mind. I do pray for those who are trying to restart their lives and put pieces back together. I'm so thankful for volunteers who take time out of their busy lives to help those in need. Trees are being cleared by the truck load and some folks are planning on rebuilding on the same sight. Some have left. Hopefully we'll never have anything like this again.
      Enjoy these pictures. I hope to have updates soon.

Can you believe I got this at Walmart for $10?

Mountain across the street the tornado went by.

Volunteer Cherio tomato plant along fence.

My Mom and her three great-grand-daughters.

Tomato plants inside pipe and block, taken a couple weeks ago. Notice sunflower coming up.

Also taken a couple weeks ago, tomato plants inside cages.

Blackberries in bloom, a couple weeks ago.

My niece with her two daughters.

My other niece with her daughter and my son.

Graham Thomas rose.

Beautiful daylillies!

I just love this picture!

Drying banana slices.

What's for dinner?


  1. Your garden looks good. I am going to use your idea in the raised beds with the tube and put my potatoes in one of those...thanks! Blessings from Wisconsin

  2. Thanks, Dicky Bird. I'm glad I can help others and that I can learn from others as well!

  3. Hi Bama Girl!
    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such nice comments at my Shady Grove blog. It's nice to meet you!

    I like your blog, your tomatoes look great and your daylilies are beautiful. I like daylilies too and it seems we have a lot of common interests.

    You mentioned a 'pepper vine' and I'd be most interested in what you've found. My e-mail is Also, I agree with you that your muscadine should be growing now, particularly in your hot Alabama weather, (and oh my goodness it is so hot here in SC too!) even if it's too immature to produce fruit this year. I wonder if I could send any of ours through the mail to you? Your thoughts on that as we certainly have plenty and I'd love to share some of what our land produces.
    Thanks again!


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