Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When I stop and think about change,

      I am immediately reminded of all the natural disasters that have occurred this year. Who would have thought that so many disasters would occur in such a short period of time? And my, have they brought about change! We will continue to feel the crunch, in the following years. The people who have lost part, or all of their homes have gone through dramatic changes. I pray that the outcome will be better than before. Change can bring about positive results, especially if you allow God to be in control. 
     I hope you are having a sweltering, I mean a lovely day! The weather we are having now is not normal for this time of year. It really doesn't surprise me that we are going through this, in light of all the other weather patterns we've experienced lately. It's just a hard thing to deal with. I pray that people will wake up and realize that God is trying to get our attention! I believe that we are experiencing judgment for the sins of the nation. These may only be the beginning of the birth pangs. I read about the super moon and the natural disasters that it would somehow create, and maybe that's what this is all about. I also believe there is a higher power in control. We must keep our heart fallow so that the Holy Spirit can work in, and through us, what He wills. I could say a lot more and maybe I will at some other time.
     I want to share with you some changes I've been going through. For instance, driving an '03' Escalade to a "98" Jeep Wrangler. Talk about uncomfortable!!! Our truck is under re-upholstering, the seat, that is. My husband is a master at so many things! Just finishing projects are not his specialty, as you will see in the photos. I am, however grateful for what he has accomplished! I want the seat to be through by this weekend so we can go to Whole Foods, in Birmingham.

Floor needs molding, upstairs and down.

Muscadine vines and "Jack" wire-hair and black and tan daschund.

"Chelsea's" got to have some love!

Muscadine vines seem dormant or dead.

English walnut tree, and Peonies in pots, for new bed.

I removed most of the grass this morning. Halfway there!

"Bridal Wreath" Spirea to be planted in new beds.

Gardenia to be planted in new bed.

Two "lacey" Japaneses maples to be planted in new beds.

"Lady Banks" rose to be planted in new bed.

Two yellow azaleas to be planted in new beds, along with other numerous plants.

Why does the sunflower hang it's head? Will it ever come back up?

Geese in the garden.

Fig bush.

Nectarine tree with a few nectarines.

The truck I will be driving soon.

Hubby removed the seat and is re-upholstering it.

Back, and old foam.

Bottom of seat.

New foam.

New seat cover.

More new foam.
"Custom" unfinished stairwell began about four years ago.

Unfinished counter-top on the island, began a couple years ago.

One of several unfinished doors and windows, which has been like that for five years.

Unfinished master shower I've never got to use, in five years.

Beautiful molding that goes in either the dining room or bedroom, I forgot.

More of same, by unfinished door.


  1. My husband is really handy too...however, we still have MANY projects to finish. It has been so long, that I "forgot" we don't even have doors on our closets. :) Blessing from Wisconsin. Yes, Jesus is coming soon. These are all signs of the times....God used signs all through the Bible...we need to be wise and recognize these things for what they are..signs

  2. Lovely molding! That's going to look beautiful wherever you install it! The projects never end - at least they don't at our house! Once in a while I get a bit overwhelmed and think "how are we ever going to keep this place up in our old age!". (I'm praying for handy sons-in-law that might want to live locally! LOL!!). But then again, I remember that work is good and God gave it to us for a reason. So I relax and just try to enjoy the ride!

  3. Amy, thank you so much for taking time to read and comment. That means a lot to me! I've encountered several people lately, who have unfinished projects.


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