Friday, June 3, 2011

We're still online! Yay!

      I'm so glad I can blog today! I will never take for granted my access to the internet again! I can live without it if I have to but right now I don't have to. I watched Joyce this morning, did you? She's been talking about having confidence in knowing that you can hear from God for yourself ,without always wanting a "word" from the Lord. I have really been encouraged this week because I know people who can't seem to live their lives unless they have some kind of "word". I haven't received many "words" from the Lord and the ones I have may or may not have been from the Lord. I used to get upset and think that I wasn't important to God because I was never the one called out for a "word". Now I know that's not true because God is no respecter of persons. He loves us all the same. We are all important to Him! So if you feel you need a "word" from the Lord, here it is: "You are my child and I love you so much that I gave my Son for you." Now, live your life in a way that is pleasing to Me, loving Me, obeying Me and reading my Word." That is what God is saying to me and I believe to you too! This must be what God wanted me to say today, because that is not what I planned on saying. I wanted to tell you about something else Joyce said. She was talking about Shadrack, Meshack, and Obednigo and how they were bound and thrown into a fiery furnace by the king. After they were thrown in, he looked in and saw them walking around freely and a fourth person with them. Joyce used this example to explain that when we go through the fire, the fire burns off the things that bind us so that we become free. Those things may be attitudes, prejudices, sin, any number of things that weigh us down and hinder us from God's perfect will. We may not even realize that we are bound until it's all over. Don't fear the fire, instead, let it purify you unto righteousness with God.
      Enjoy these pictures.

My favorite apple stand in Elijay, GA. They have peaches this time of year!

The beautiful view across the street from R&A.

Eggfest in Hiawassee, GA

Loving that smoke!

Sunflower before.

Pile of dirt hubby had brought in. Notice the new roof on the hen house.

Hubby likes the Big Green Egg!

Chicken wire around cages to keep pullets out.

Chicken wire around pepper plants. Neighbors horses in their pasture.

Is my wagon full yet? It's too hot to fill it up!

Butterfly bush. I have three more in different colors around the house.

Shredding cheese for guess what?

Homemade pimiento cheese. Delicious!

Lunch: pimiento cheese on Ritz, unsweetened tea, and veggie juice from Vitamix. 

Now its 96.3 at 2:05.

After going to Eggfest, hubby comes home and buys a Primo. 

Sunflower opening.

Sunflower after.

Ya like my hat? I wear it when I'm outside. I'm not that short, just standing downhill.

Love the color of this daylilly.

Now opened nicely!


  1. Your pictures are really nice. What is an eggfest? Too hot for me - yesterday it was 90 here - that is too hot too! Fresh peaches - you are sooo lucky! What have you made in the slow cooker? I made this really GOOD rump roast for french dip sandwiches, yummy! Blessings from Wisconsin!

  2. Oh I love french dip sandwiches! A roast in the crockpot is my favorite thing!


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