Monday, June 27, 2011

Where the mind goes, the man follows.

      I used to not understand what that meant a long time ago. Joyce is teaching on that this week and after listening to her teachings many times, I get it. She is just interpreting Prov. 23:7 As a man thinks, so is he. What you think about, you do. Where you think about going, you go. What you think about becoming, you become. Our thoughts are our guide, so to speak, especially if we are, or even if we are not, trusting God. We must not get caught up in emotions, either. It is so easy to make hasty decisions when we are caught up in the moment. Stop and think before you speak or do. Think about something first, and if it's a really big thing, PRAY! Thoughts are so important! Did I say that already?
      We had a really big weekend this past weekend. My nieces came over and spent the night on Friday. Those babies are so cute! The two year old 'helped' Uncle Ran, or Rain, as she calls him, with the hen house addition. She stayed right with him most of the day. Little sister is walking at only ten months. She shakes when she walks! It is so funny! She gets around good, though. Hopefully, we'll get together fourth of July, which is this weekend, already.
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Going in a cobbler, yum!

Trying to get her walking.

Fascinated with my boots.

Enjoying the morning.

She calls me CC, for FeFe.

Handing Uncle Ran the screws.

Yep, that's her diaper.

I can help, too.

Running to CC.

Writing on a board.

Scary looking clouds.

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  1. Sounds like you had fun! My "babies" are teenagers now and I enjoy spending time with my "great-neices and nephews" too. Blessing from Wisconsin!


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